Ultrasonic Heatmeter Ultrameter+

The working principle of the QMET Ultrameter heatmeter;
Flow Sensor: In district or central heating systems, it provides the calculation of the water passing through the installation in m3/h unit to provide heating. The measuring principle is the relative velocity difference of sound transmission between the ultrasonic sensors during water flow.

Temperature Sensors: By installing on the supply and return lines on the heating system, measures the temperature difference of the heated area. Calculator: Unit that makes the thermal energy calculation with the data from flow and temperature sensors and save the accumulated consumption data.


Heat Interface Unit

A heat substation unit is a modular unit installed separately in each apartment of centrally heated buildings, and it prepares domestic hot water using the principle of instantaneous heating through a soldered plate heat exchanger. It also controls the apartment’s heating.

With QSUB T-Series and soon-to-be-released QSUB-e IoT heat interface unit, you can have the most suitable control systems for your comfort while minimizing energy consumption and making your heating expenses sustainable.

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Apator S.A., JS Smart+ model single-jet water meters, enables remote data reading and expense sharing with the desired communication interface.

JS Smart+ series is AT (MID) type approved and closed to mechanical and electronic manipulations.

Communication interfaces are available with Mbus, W-Mbus or Pulse output.


It measures the radiator and room temperature with 2 temperature sensors and calculates the amount of heat used according to the algorithms provided on EN 834 standards.

Households are encouraged to optimize their use by allocating and billing based on consumption.


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